Andy Burnham and Sally Lindsay: Protecting Our NHS in Oldham

Sally LindsayI was delighted to welcome my colleague Andy Burnham and actress Sally Lindsay to Oldham today. They spoke at a rally in Oldham town centre to save our NHS; with Sally speaking movingly about her experience of the NHS.

She had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency c-section when pregnant with twins. The NHS saved their lives and hers, with 5 staff dedicated to look after each baby. Creeping Tory privatisation of the NHS threatens others receiving the care Sally and her children received. That’s why she’s calling on everyone to vote Labour tomorrow and save the NHS.

Local GP Zahid spoke about tDSC_2105he changes we have seen in the NHS locally; with his patients dependent on foodbanks, in extreme poverty and heaving their health conditions exacerbated by being unable to adequately feed themselves. The policies of the Tory-Lib Dem Government are having a clear impact on local people’s health and well being. Staff nurse Jean, spoke about the effect of privatisation and outsourcing on the local NHS. The NHS is being propped up by dedicated staff working unpaid overtime, who were then refused the recommended pay rise by the Independent Pay Review Body – a decision Labour would not take.

Andy spoke about LaboDSC_2136ur’s plan for the NHS; including how we will repeal the Tories’ Health and Social Care Act, reinstate the NHS as the Preferred Provider and stop the privatisation of our health service. We will properly value NHS staff, listening¬†to the Independent Pay Review Body and increasing nurse training places to recruit the 20,000 extra nurses we will deliver through our Time to Care Fund.


Vote tomorrow to save our NHS and ensure we have a health and care system with time to care.

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