Andy Burnham meets motorists hit by the VAT hike in Oldham East and Saddleworth

Labour’s campaign coordinator Andy Burnham met motorists with Oldham East and Saddleworth candidate Debbie Abrahams on Tuesday January 4.

Labour’s campaign hit the petrol station forecourts as Andy and Debbie talked to local motorists at Scouthead Filling Station about how the LibDem-Tory Government’s broken promises on VAT will hit them and their families.

Andy Burnham said:

“People filling up cars as they return to work today will be counting the cost of not one, but two of David Cameron’s broken promises on petrol prices.

“He promised a fuel-duty stabliser and has failed to deliver it. But it’s worse. Today, they are increasing VAT on petrol and diesel when they said they wouldn’t.

“This is an arrogant Government which has no idea how most people live. People in Oldham have a chance to send them a message on VAT on behalf of the rest of the country.

“From now until polling day, Labour will be urging them to take it.”


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