Autumn Statement fails the ‘just about managing’ families

budgetbox_1107228cThis Autumn Statement has revealed the Tories’ so-called long term economic plan lies in tatters. After six wasted years we now see growth revised down in 2017 and 2018, with borrowing and debt up which means the Tories are failing our economy, failing working people and even failing all of their own fiscal targets.

Meanwhile average earnings are revised down last year, this year and in the next three years. Even so the Government is still pressing ahead with huge cuts to Universal Credit which will hit working people really hard. In addition to failing their fiscal targets the Government seems to have abandoned the important principal of making work pay.

This is hitting the ‘just about managing’ families Theresa May says she wants to help.

Their cuts to the ESA Work Related Activity Group will see sick and disabled people lose £1,500 a year, undermining the objective of the Government’s Work, Health and Disability Green Paper by pushing disabled people further from the workplace and into poverty.

The Government’s arguments that these cuts will incentivise sick and disabled people into work are baseless and deeply, deeply offensive. They must listen to Labour, disabled people, the third sector and their own backbenchers and reverse these cuts.

There was not a single penny extra for the NHS or social care despite the crisis the Tories have created. And, incredibly, no mention of a plan for Brexit, meaning jobs and businesses are at risk.

Only a Labour government will deliver on the ambition and vision to rebuild and transform our economy so no-one, and no community, is left behind.

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