Book Launch on Interfaith Peace and Understanding

I recently spoke at the Parliamentary launch of a book, authored by Dr Mohammed A. Lais on the Prophet Mohammed and Interfaith Peace and Understanding.  The launch followed my interview with Dr Lais for the book in 2012 where he asked me about my views and impressions of Islam.  Dr Lais was working to bring together the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad with perceptions of Islam from a wide range of people, including politicians, religious leaders and interfaith workers.Dr Lais Book Launch

This important book brings together many of the Prophet’s teachings and seeks to refute many common misconceptions around Islam. By clarifying the reasons for misunderstanding between Islam and many in the West, and highlighting key prophetic teachings, this book is an important tool by which we can help to build unity and peace amongst interfaith communities.

It’s now just over 13 years since the appalling riots in Oldham.  Since then the community has pulled together and worked hard to foster interfaith initiatives and ensure understanding between faiths, all of whom I believe want to live in peace and harmony.  It is only by understanding each other better that communities can truly thrive and prosper and I thank Dr Lais for his work in advancing that understanding by the publication of this book.

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