Call for Unity and Calm following Rising Tensions

I have recently called on the public to pull together, keep calm and show respect to all in the light of rising tensions in some local communities following the Brexit campaign’s victory in the EU referendum.  In addition I have arranged an urgent meeting with fellow MPs, council and community leaders.

Following a really fractious, and frankly dishonest, campaign by those wanting to leave the EU tensions are already simmering in some local communities and we, as leaders, must act to contain the situation.

I’ve appealed to the public, in Oldham and beyond, to pull together and help to keep the situation calm. We must continue to show respect for everyone across all communities as the country works its way through the complexities of withdrawing from the EU, and, a situation that is in danger of becoming a national crisis if we’re not very careful.

The leaders of the Brexit campaign clearly have no plan and David Cameron has abdicated from any responsibility of taking charge. As a result, in the vacuum that’s been created, tensions are rising and I have been extremely concerned by reports from around the country of people being threatened because of their nationality or race.

I am proud of our diverse and inclusive community and believe we must all pull together and act quickly to ensure that any incidents are reported and investigated, public order is maintained and that no-one feels threatened or intimidated.

I have been in contact with fellow MPs, Jim and Angela, and council leader Jean Stretton and we will be meeting to discuss our next steps on Friday in Oldham.

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