Christmas 2023 Office Hours

Due to the festive break, my office will close from 23 December –  3 January. From 3rd January, my team and I will be here to help you with any issue you may have. I will be periodically checking my email and voicemail over Christmas and the New Year, so if you have a very […]

My Letter to the Chancellor

Dear Chancellor, I am writing to you regarding the forthcoming Autumn Statement. As our new Chancellor, you made a commitment to compassion in your fiscal decision-making. As co-Chair of the APPG for Compassionate Politics and Chair of the APPG on Dementia, I would like you to consider disabled people, including those living with dementia, in […]

Debbie Abrahams on Compassionate Conservatism – Independent Comment Piece

Everyone, it seems, is talking about it. In recent weeks the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, his Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, and Ministers including Michael Gove, have all mentioned the need for “compassion” in politics and an era of “compassionate Conservatism”. As Co-Chair of the All-Party Group for Compassionate Politics, this is, of course, something I welcome. […]

Cost of Living Summit

The following report was written by Amelia and Layla, two young people taking part in my 2022 Summer School who are undertaking their Working for Your Community placements in my constituency office. Layla and Amelia attended the Cost of Living Summit in Oldham and wrote a report on what they learnt from the sessions: Oldham’s […]

My April/May Newsletter

Each month I provide a review of my activities in Oldham East and Saddleworth as well as parliament, so you can see how I have represented you. Please follow this link to read my April – May newsletter in full.

May 2021 E-Newsletter

This edition contains  an update on Covid-19 and my activities across the constituency and in Parliament. Read the full edition here.

If the government wants to ‘level up’, it should tackle inequality first

An inglorious fact about Britain has been brutally and devastatingly exposed by Covid-19: we are one of the most unequal societies in the western world. The Lawrence report, released yesterday, showed us why this is the case and how we can fix it. The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling utterly powerless. Our lives have been upended, […]

Covid-19: A Disease of Poverty

Like infectious diseases of the past, Covid-19 is a disease of poverty. If you map Covid prevalence with deprivation the results are stark. It has also exposed the ingrained inequalities across our society, and I say this as a former public health consultant with over 20 years’ experience rather than as an opposition MP. But […]

Protecting our countryside during Covid-19 & beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge for most of us, but particularly for those families who have lost loved ones; my heart goes out to you all. Our heroic and selfless NHS and care workers have kept going in horrendous circumstances, all too often at their own cost. For me, they reflect what is […]

Debbie supports Earth Hour across Oldham and Saddleworth

Join the global lights-out movement with Debbie Abrahams MP this Saturday!   This weekend, I will be supporting Earth Hour – the world’s largest annual event designed to promote awareness and action to protect the planet – by taking part in the global lights-out event on Saturday 30th March between 8:30 and 9.30pm.   Earth Hour gives a voice to […]

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