Cuts to the WRAGs; discussing the Welfare and Reform Work Bill with United Response

I met with news correspondent David Allkins from United Response to discuss the proposed cuts to the Work-related activity group (WRAG) element of Employment Support Allowance as part of the Welfare and Reform Work Bill.

The government’s proposal will mean that disabled people will lose up to £30 a week due to these cuts; a third of their weekly income to incentivise people, who have been found not fit for work, to seek employment. This is a cruel contradiction and the cuts will mean that disabled people will not only see an impact on their health and condition, but also to food and socialising, further isolating those who require more support.

I will continue to challenge this government’s Welfare and Reform Work Bill in my role as Shadow Minister for Disabled People as these cuts will have a detrimental effect on the lives of disabled people in the UK; something this government refuses to acknowledge.

You can watch my discussion with United Response below:

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