Debbie Abrahams MP attends Armed Forces Week Reception

Oldham East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams was joined by local Royal Air Force veteran Paul Scoltock at Keir Starmer MP’s Armed Forces Week parliamentary reception in Westminster.

Armed Forces Week runs from 19th– 24th June and is an opportunity for people to show support for the men and women who have served in our armed forces, including currently serving troops to veterans, service families and cadets.

After attending the reception in Parliament, Mr. Scotlock said:

‘I was invited to accompany Debbie to an event in Westminster hosted by Keir Starmer to mark the start of Armed Forces Week. As a veteran of 21 years’ service in the RAF I was delighted to have been asked. Following a tour of Parliament we attended the event in which Keir thanked the veterans for their Service, after which Debbie introduced me to Keir. I spoke about my time in the RAF, where I served throughout the UK, Germany and the Falklands. It was an honour and a privilege to have been asked to accompany my Member of Parliament to such a prestigious event. One which will remain my memory forever.’

Asked about the event, Debbie Abrahams MP said:

‘Paul served our country for more than two decades in the RAF and continues to make a huge contribution to our community here in Oldham. It was great to hear from Keir about the difference that a Labour Government will make for our veterans, including the creation of a new Veterans Commissioner.

Today, veterans are telling us that they feel overlooked and let down. The government’s record is one of waiting times for mental health support, slashing of specialist employment provision and a botched roll-out of veteran ID cards; with many veterans struggling to access compensation through the armed forces compensation scheme.

After the historic victory in 1945 that resulted in the election of one of the most transformative governments in British history led by Clement Atlee, we promised our armed forces that, for their heroic service during the second World War, they would be treated with dignity when they returned home with housing fit for heroes and the National Health Service. We want to recapture that transformative offer and re-build a country that gives back to Service personnel.’   

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