Debbie backs Living Wage Week

It is Living Wage Week and it is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the need for a real living wage that meets the cost of living. It is also a time to celebrate responsible employers that commit to ensuring their staff earn a wage they can live on.

img_5678Labour believe in a full and proper wage for a working day. That’s why we are committing to introducing a statutory real Living Wage.

Failed Tory austerity has seen wages stagnate and millions of working people struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

Under the next Labour government, everyone in Oldham East and Saddleworth will earn enough to live on through the introduction a statutory real living wage, which independent forecasts put at over £10/hour in 2020.

One of the greatest achievements of the Labour government, elected in 1997, was the establishment of a national minimum wage, lifting millions out of poverty. The Tories opposed it, claiming it would cost millions of jobs, but, united in purpose, we won the argument.

Under the next Labour government, everyone will earn enough to live on and we will write a real living wage into law.

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, said: “Introducing a real living wage is just one aspect of our plan to tackle low pay, and will be introduced in tandem with an industrial strategy to transform Britain into a high-skill, high-productivity, high-wage & sustainable modern economy by boosting investment & R&D, supporting manufacturing & foundation industries, and nurturing the industries of the future.

““Decent pay is not just fundamentally right, it’s good for business, it’s good for employees, and it’s good for Britain. We need a new deal across our whole economy.”

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