Debbie highlights Government cuts to police as largest rise in crime recorded for a decade

I remain very concerned that police officer cuts are leaving our communities exposed as recent crime statistics have revealed the largest rise in recorded crime in a decade, including an 18% jump in violent crime.

Our police are at breaking point with crime on the rise across the UK. Yet the Government continue to force real terms cuts on our police service.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has lost 2072 officers, or 35% of officers, since 2010. That’s the second highest loss of the 43 police services across England and Wales, and the rise in crime demonstrates that the Tories are leaving our communities exposed. 

People in Oldham and Saddleworth want to see the local police given the resources and the officers they need to fight crime and anti-social behaviour. This is the grim legacy of seven years of Tory austerity. Dedicated police officers fighting hard to keep the public safe with fewer officers per head than ever before. 


Labour will recruit another 10,000 new police officers to help keep us safe.

The national statistics show the Tories have cut police officer numbers again in the latest 12 months and now there are well over 20,000 fewer than in 2010.  And despite promising to protect budgets, they continue to cut funding even as a senior figures in policing line up to warn they are overstretched and struggle to cope with demand.

Now police have recorded their highest number of crimes in a decade, including over one million violent offences, and yet today’s figure also reveal a shocking fall in the rate of charges and summonses.

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