Debbie: Labour will help the 4520 households in Oldham East and Saddleworth affected by fuel poverty

It’s shocking that in Oldham East and Saddleworth, 4520 households (10.8%) live in fuel poverty and cannot even afford to heat their homes, as highlighted by Fuel Poverty Awareness Day (23/2/18).

Fuel poverty affects over four million households across the UK and energy costs hit the poor and most vulnerable, and those on low incomes, living in energy inefficient homes that are difficult and expensive to heat. 

Data provided by the Trussell Trust, shows that over 85% of foodbanks in the network felt that people referred to them for emergency food needed support with paying fuel bills.

The Government’s continued failure to tackle our broken energy market means hard-up customers have to pay more while the profits of the Big Six continue to soar. 

Labour will insulate four million homes as an infrastructure priority to help those who suffer in cold homes each winter, this will cut emissions, improve health, save on bills, and reduce fuel poverty and winter deaths. 

We will introduce an emergency price cap to ensure that the average bill remains below £1,000 per year, while we transition to a fairer system for bill payers.

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