Denshaw to be included in Highways England ‘agreed diversion routes’ trial

Following a number of public meetings which I convened at Denshaw Village Hall, Highways England have pledged to include Denshaw in a pilot programme in the north west to address the issue of the village being used as a diversion route off the M62.

HE have told me the trial will be taking place from this November through to March, next year, with the purpose being to benchmark the current status of ‘agreed diversion routes’; devise a plan for bringing them up to a standard in the short and long term and put together a plan for a national roll-out.

This means Denshaw’s use as a diversion route will be one of the first to be reviewed nationally and HE will gain an understanding of the current issues associated with it.

The HE trial will also identify what further measures and improvements are needed in order to ensure that the route meets the nationally agreed standard. This shows what we can do when we work together

Highways England have said they will be liaising with staff at Oldham highways so there will be an opportunity for the council to input into the pilot scheme. Residents will also receive feedback from the pilot scheme.

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