Ed Miliband slams broken promises of Tory-led Government on visit to Oldham East and Saddleworth

In a speech to Labour activists at the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election, Ed Miliband today set out how the party would be attacking the Tory-led Government in the coming weeks.

Urging a vote for Labour candidate, Debbie Abrahams on January 13th, Mr Miliband said that voters were faced with only two choices – between candidates that would support the VAT rise, police cuts and the betrayal of local people, or a candidate that would oppose all these and stand up for local people.

Please find excerpts below from today’s speech

“Tonight at midnight VAT goes up.
“The squeeze starts here
“The squeeze designed in Downing Street will come to your street, to the High Street, to every street up and down this country.
“They will be taxing you with higher VAT when you fill up your car.
“They will be taxing you when you phone home on your mobile.
“They will be taxing you higher when you go out and get a cup of coffee.
“And when you pick up a DVD for the kids on the way home they will be taxing you.
“This is the wrong tax at the wrong time.”
“Nick Clegg warned of a Tory VAT bombshell.
“He didn’t tell us that he would be standing by and applauding when George Osborne dropped that bombshell.”

On Tory broken promises
“Most people take at least a week to break their new year’s promises.
“This Conservative-led government has begun 2011breaking the promises they made in 2010.
“They promised the fuel-duty stabiliser.
“Fuel prices are now at a record high.
“And what is this Conservative-led government doing?
“They are putting up the duty.
“It is another broken promise.
“As this year goes on we will be chalking up all the broken-promises of this Conservative-led government.”

The by-election choice
“The people of Oldham East & Saddleworth have the first opportunity to send a message to this Government about what they are doing.
“They are cutting too far and too fast when they should be prioritising jobs and growth.
“They are betraying the future of our young people.
“And they are betraying the promises they made at the General Election.”

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