Family Migration

The Government has announced changes to visa requirements for applicants who want family membes to join them here in the UK.

I believe that people in the UK who want to bring spouses and other family members to this country should do so on the basis that they contribute to the UK and the economic wellbeing of the UK.

 However, there needs to be a fair framework for people who fall in love and build family relationships.  A salary threshold – that will disproportionately affect people in northern England where salaries are lower – may prevent UK citizens forming legitimate relationships with someone they love and this is a right that shouldn’t be restricted to just those who earn more money.

 I am concerned that by relying solely on the income of the sponsor in most cases, the Government’s changes may actually be counter-productive.  That is why I believe that the Government should have consulted on alternatives, including the idea of a bond that would be payable on arrival and redeemable after a fixed period.

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