Government introduces further cuts to Social Security support

New social security cuts come into force this week that could cost the hardest-hit single parents more than £6,000 by 2019. The changes coming into force on this week include limiting the child element of support to the first two children, removing the family element of support for new claimants of tax credit and universal credit, cutting the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activity Group (and associated Universal Credit provisions) by £1,500 a year and slashing support for the parents of bereaved children.

April’s raft of social security changes follows seven wasted years of austerity, which have already taken a horrific toll upon families across the UK. Inequality is increasing as is child poverty, and more people in work are living in poverty than ever before. With the accelerated state pension age and cost of living rises, pensioner poverty is also increasing.

This month we’ll see seven further cuts to social security come into effect which will will hit working families, young people, disabled people, and children coping with the loss of a parent, ensuring it is even harder for them to make ends meet.

This disgraceful attempt to trash our social security system is a new low by this Government, who once promised to help those struggling to get by.

Labour will fight these measures every step of the way, as part of our promise to transform the social security system so that, like the NHS, it is there for us all in our time of need.

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