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I am happy to help you with any issue however big or small.

As your Member of Parliament I am happy to advocate on your behalf no matter the issue. There are quite strict rules on what I am able to do and not do but will always try my best.

You must live in my constituency for me to be able to represent you, so please do supply your home address when contacting me.

I will also need your permission if you wish me to share personal or confidential details with a third party.



Help us help you with an issue

I can make representations on your behalf to Government Departments, the Council and other organisations regarding your issue or query. I can signpost you to organisations best placed to support you with your query. 

My team aim to respond to residents within 20 working days, sooner if the issue is more urgent. I generally receive a response from Government Departments, Oldham Council and Housing Associations within 4 weeks.

I would be able to assess what assistance I can provide, but I would first require your relative’s consent to act on their behalf

As a Member of Parliament, I cannot offer legal advice or interfere with legal proceedings

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