Inquiry on Effectiveness of International Health Systems

The Labour Party has a proud and historic link with the NHS; it reflects and represents our collective spirit, and the values we hold dear. It is fair to say that in most people’s eyes the NHS remains a national treasure. But we know it is not perfect and although the Labour Party has committed to no further top-down structural reorganisation should we be elected into Government in 2015, service change will be needed.

To this end, and to inform the Party’s internal policy review process, members of the Parliamentary Labour Party undertook an inquiry into the effectiveness of international health systems in improving health care quality and equity. The scope of the inquiry focussed on three broad areas: system funding, how this funding is allocated and how in particular health care providers are paid; the organisation of the system; and on how health and social care services in particular are integrated.

The Inquiry involved commissioning independent ‘reviews of reviews’ of the international academic literature to assimilate the strongest evidence possible, as well as oral hearings with academics and key stakeholders. We also had an invited call to submit written evidence to the Inquiry and held oral evidence sessions.

To read the full report and its recommendations, click here.

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