International Festival of Business comes to the North of England

We need to transform the UK economy and back businesses to make the most of the new opportunities there are and grow our way to higher standards of living for our people that is why I welcome news that the North of England will host the inaugural Festival of Business.

The festival which will be hosted over 50 days throughout June and July will offer businesses in Oldham East and Saddleworth the opportunity to take part in over 200 events including –

  • Accelerate (20th June), helping small and medium businesses to learn from successful counterparts
  • Federation of Small Businesses Summit (3rd July), featuring workshops delivering practical solutions to business problems
  • Like Minds U (18th July), partners from Google, Twitter and LinkedIn will offer two-hour master classes in digital skills for business
  • Women 1st – Women Inspiring the Economy (18th June), seeking to increase the number of British female entrepreneurs

A full list of events is available on the IFB website.

Businesses in Oldham East and Saddleworth wishing to take part can register online.


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