Labour: Secure NHS Funding

Next time they'll cut to the boneBritain needs a better plan than the Tory cuts to public services, which will be deeper in the next three years than the last five years.

Following the Budget Labour has published new analysis of Tory spending plans which takes into account their planned welfare reductions and promised tax cuts. This analysis shows that in the next three years the Tories are planning cuts to public services which are deeper than any year of the last parliament; and in the next three years cuts to public services will be almost twice the level of the last three years.

OECD countries which have cut public spending at the pace which George Osborne plans have ended up cutting health spending.

Labour will get the deficit down in a more sensible and balanced way. And we have a fully-funded plan to save our NHS and transform it for the future.

Labour’s plan for a Time to Care Fund of £2.5bn a year means 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs and cancer tests guaranteed within one week. And we’ll pay for it by closing tax loopholes and a mansion tax on properties worth over £2 million.

After five years of David Cameron, our health service is going backwards, despite the hard work of staff. Our NHS just can’t afford these extreme and risky Tory cuts. And after their broken promises on the NHS in this Parliament nobody should trust what the Tories say about the NHS.

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