Labour will ban exploitative zero hours contracts

Labour has set out our plans to ban exploitative zero-hours contracts.

We will act so that anyone working regular hours will be legally entitled to a regular contract not a zero-hours contract. The new legal right will kick in after 12 weeks – earlier than previously expected because of evidence that the problem has grown.

In the last year the number of people on zero hour contracts has grown by nearly 20%.

There are now 1.8m zero hour contracts in Britain, more than the populations of Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds combined.

Ed Miliband has also made a personal commitment that legislation to ban exploitative zero-hours contracts will be in Labour’s first Queen’s Speech, putting an end to a symbol of the insecure economy that means the recovery hasn’t reached the homes of working families across Britain.

The Tories have refused to back Labour’s plans to ban exploitative zero-hours contracts. David Cameron last week said that the reason there had been an explosion in zero-hours contracts was because people choose them – but then he admitted he couldn’t live on one.

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