Lib Dems fees position now downright ridiculous – Wright

MP Iain Wright, Labour’s campaign manager for the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election, responding to Elwyn Watkins latest comments on tuition fees, said:

“Elwyn Watkins position on tuition fees has now gone from farcical to downright ridiculous. He is in danger of disappearing into his own self-contradiction.

“He seems to think he can campaign for one thing in the borough, and then when his Party bosses tell him to, vote for the total opposite in Parliament.

“That’s just treating voters as fools. It’s time for him to confess to the Lib Dems’ broken promises.

“What Oldham East and Saddleworth really needs is Debbie Abrahams. A candidate who has promised to always do what’s best for the borough – not what’s best for Westminster.”

1. Interview with Elwyn Watkins, BBC News Channel, 05/01/11:

Laura Kuenssberg: But on something like tuition fees for example, on the doorstep here in the general election you would have been saying that you’d vote against any rise  in them. How would you have voted if you were Westminster then?

Elwyn Watkins: Well I would have fulfilled the collation agreement but my view of tuition fees hasn’t changed, I still think they’re wrong and if I was an MP I’d still campaign against them. 2.  Elwyn Watkins would have unsuccessfully lobbied himself on tuition fees  [ ]

3. Oldham candidate Elwyn Watkins faces both ways on tuition fees [ ]


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