Long term youth unemployment up 137%!

Figures released yesterday (14/3/12) show that long term youth unemployment in Oldham East and Saddleworth has risen by 137% in the last year and there are now 12.8 people chasing every job vacancy.

This jobs crisis shows no signs of letting up yet complacent government ministers are failing to act.

Long term youth unemployment here in Oldham East and Saddleworth is up by 137% over the last year and overall unemployment is up to over 3,500 and yet the government still has no alternative in place for Labour’s successful Future Jobs fund.

At the budget next week the Chancellor should adopt Labour’s five point plan including a tax on bankers’ bonuses to fund 100,000 youth jobs and a tax break for small firms taking on extra workers to help get Britain back to work.

This government’s mistaken decision to raise taxes and cut spending too far and too fast has choked off the recovery, pushed up unemployment and will mean £158 billion of extra borrowing to pay for economic failure.

We desperately need a budget for jobs and growth next week.

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