MP seeks public input for ‘once in a generation’ chance to update digital age legislation

I have recently been selected as a member of the Parliamentary Joint Committee to scrutinise the Government’s Online Safety Bill and would like to ask, you,  the public for your views on the draft legislation.

The Online Safety Bill, published by the government in draft form in May 2021, is designed to establish a new regulatory framework to tackle harmful content online.

The Committee, who will report its findings to the Government before 10 December 2021, is asking the public for their views on whether the draft law will achieve its aim of making the UK ‘the safest place to be online.’

This Bill is about finally putting a legal framework around hate speech and harmful content, and ultimately holding the tech giants to account for the role their technology plays in promoting it.

The next step in this process is the detailed scrutiny of the draft Bill. This is key piece of legislation that will update our laws for the digital age and we need the public to help by sending us their views.

I have repeatedly spoken out about abuse and harmful content shared on social media and this is an issue that the All Party Parliamentary Group on Compassionate Politics, which I Chair, has also been examining.

I look forward to joining colleagues from the Commons and Lords on the Joint Committee to work together to go through this Bill line by line to make sure it’s fit for purpose.

The Committee is specifically seeking views on how the Bill compares to online safety legislation in other countries, and whether it represents a threat to freedom of expression.

Anyone with views on the bill can submit them here:

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