Debbie supports Earth Hour across Oldham and Saddleworth

Join the global lights-out movement with Debbie Abrahams MP this Saturday!


This weekend, I will be supporting Earth Hour – the world’s largest annual event designed to promote awareness and action to protect the planet – by taking part in the global lights-out event on Saturday 30th March between 8:30 and 9.30pm.


Earth Hour gives a voice to people who want to raise awareness of some of the biggest environmental challenges we are facing.


We’re destroying forests, choking the oceans with plastic, decimating wildlife population sizes, and causing devastating changes to the climate.

That’s why I’ve pledged my support to the campaign and I’ll be promoting the message that it is unacceptable to sit back and do nothing as the destruction of nature goes on around us.


I hope everyone across Oldham and Saddleworth joins the global movement on Saturday night and switches off their lights for Earth Hour to show their support for our planet.


In the UK, every year millions of people take part in Earth Hour, joining hundreds of millions more around the globe. Earth Hour has helped find solutions for the environmental challenges we face globally. This includes influencing national climate policies, planting new forests in Uganda, and banning plastic in the Galapagos. The world’s biggest landmarks – such as the Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and Edinburgh Castle – switch off lights as a visual display of their commitment to our planet.

For more information and to sign up visit this website.

Join in the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #EarthHourUK

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