My Visit to Oldham Coliseum

With Martin & David at the Oldham Coliseum

Last week I had the pleasure of being shown around Oldham Coliseum by the executive director, David Martin and the artistic director, Kevin Shaw, who were keeping me informed about the £5m relocation of the theatre to an expanded cultural quarter.The theatre’s new venue will be south of Union Street, alongside a proposed Oldham Heritage Centre, and includes a café, terraced bars and accessible heritage collections.

Oldham Coliseum is already an incredibly important cultural attraction for the town drawing 100,000 annual visitors and generating £17.5m a year. It is estimated that the improved theatre will attract 140,000 visitors a year, 40,000 from outside the local area.

If you want to join the Bliss family for a perfect weekend in the country you’d better hurry as the Hay Fever closes on 29th June –

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