Oldham Sleep Clinic

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I recently attended an event organised by Oldham Active and Nick Littlehales, an elite sport sleep recovery coach, at the Saddleworth Pool and Leisure Centre to see how to effectively ensure we get the most productive sleep.  

The event ran five free twenty minute workshops in an informal setting for people to see how they can improve their sleep.

Over 30% of the population are thought to suffer from insomnia or another type of sleep disorders.  Sleep disorders put sufferers at a greater risk of health problems, from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, immune deficiency and heart disease. Insomnia is a major public health concern which has been neglected.

For doctors, insomnia presents an egg or chicken situation, as very often it’s difficult to determine if insomnia is causing depression or anxiety or it i14-03-08 sleep clinic 7s the root of the problem. 

Sufferers are, up to four times as likely to experience relationship problems, low motivation levels, mood swings, lack concentration during the day, struggle to ‘get things done’ at work or elsewhere in their lives, energy deficiencies and weight control.

It was fascinating to learn more about some of the practical ways to adopt a better routine to improve and resolve sleep issues.

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