Oldham-wide Petition on Gaza

Oldham Interfaith Forum and Oldham Council have established a petition for local people to sign, calling for Parliament to be recalled to discuss the situation in Gaza.

The petition reads:

We, the people of Oldham, call upon the United Kingdom government and the European Union to act now to protect civilians on all sides and stop the longstanding suffering in Gaza.

We call for a recall of Parliament, to give consideration to how it can use all its influence to:

1. Stop the killing – by achieving an immediate, and sustained, ceasefire;
2. Save lives – by ensuring access for the humanitarian aid needed by the people of Gaza; and
3. Deliver peace and prosperity for the peoples of Palestine and Israel – by securing commitment from all parties to a process of dialogue leading to a just, long-term solution.

The petition can be downloaded here Oldham Gaza petition.

My most recent update on Gaza can be found here

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