Pledge to be the Last Line of Defence for NHS


Debbie Abrahams MP, Cllr Philip Harrison and Andy Burnham MP

This week I was joined by Cllr Philip Harrison, Cabinet Member for Social Services and Community Health at Oldham Council, at the launch of the ‘NHS pledge’ – a five-point practical attempt to limit the damage of the NHS reorganisation. At the event Cllr Harrison committed the Council to act as patient champions and the last line of defence for Oldham’s NHS,  signing up to NHS pledge.  

I fully support the launch of the NHS Pledge which took place Westminster as it will offer a last line of defence for our local health service.  I asked our local NHS leaders in Oldham to adopt five principles to protect the NHS from the worst that David Cameron throws at it. Labour will not sit back and wait for things to go wrong in our NHS – it is far too important for that.

By joining forces with health professionals at local level, we can resist the drive towards the rationing of treatment and the encroachment of charges we are starting to see in our NHS. The Tory-led Government’s NHS re-organisation is already causing real harm to patients and is wasting £16,322,685 in our area. Longer waits for operations and chaos in A&E has returned, operations and treatments restricted as the postcode lottery gets worse and thousands of nursing jobs are axed.

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