‘Relief’ at end to Greenfield station car park worries

I am relieved that there has been a speedy resolution to commuters’ concerns about the potential loss of parking at Greenfield station on the grounds of Saddleworth Rangers ARLFC.

Many commuters, concerned local people and the club itself approached my office asking if I would look into why the contract between the rugby club and Transport for Greater Manchester had not been renewed as expected.

Rangers ARLFC Secretary, Peter Townsend and many people were beginning to fear the worst and assuming that TfGM were not going to renew the contract.  This would have meant commuters being really badly affected by a lack of parking and the knock on effect would have been to block up the local streets with cars.

Having been contacted by Peter Townsend, I wrote to TfGM who confirmed that the new contract is now agreed.  Peter has told me that, without the contract, it would have been a very difficult situation as Rangers ARLFC depends heavily on the income generated from the parking spaces that they provide TfGM for the station as it is an amateur club, with no private income.  It is this income which provides Rugby League facilities for hundreds of children and adults across the area which is why the parking contract is so important to Peter and to Rangers ARLFC.

I am relieved for both commuters and the club that this issue has been resolved.

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