Stop the Tax Credits Cuts Campaign

On Saturday 24th October, I organised a Stop the Tax Credit cuts campaign in Oldham Town Centre as part of a nationwide drive by Labour to raise awareness of the issue and start a petition.

The response we had from the public was very positive. A lot of people were not aware of what’s going to happen to them.

On average working families will be £1,300 worse off and thousands of working families in Oldham & Saddleworth will be affected by this devastating measure if the Government’s allowed to implement the cuts in April.

The percentage of children in families receiving tax credits in Oldham is up to 82 per cent in some areas – significantly higher than the national average of 55 per cent.

A million single parents in work will be £1,000 a year worse off as a result of these cuts, and one and a half million married women will be £600 a year poorer. Hundreds of thousands of self-employed workers who depend on tax credits do not stand to benefit from the increase in the minimum wage that ministers claim will offset the tax credit cuts.

You can watch a short video from the campaign below:

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