Supporting Dobcross Post Office


I recently met with the owner and postmaster at Dobcross Post Office following a request by Royal Mail for Post Office Ltd to remove the sorting office at Dobcross Post Office.  I am extremely concerned that, should this request be approved, revenue lost from the sorting office work would mean that the shop and Post Office would close.

The Post Office in Dobcross is the only shop in the village and as such is a vital community resource, used on a daily by local residents and businesses, as well as the pupils at Holy Trinity C of E Primary and Nursery School.

I have written to the Network Mail Manager at Post Office Ltd, urging him to refuse the Royal Mail’s request to remove the sorting office in Dobcross and thus ensuring the continued survival of Dobcross Post Office.

Dobcross Post Office provides local residents with a full general store and off licence. Given the harsh winters that Oldham often endures, losing a resource like this will be severely detrimental to the health and wellbeing of many residents.

I am also concerned at how local businesses, or people relying on public transport, would cope with an 8 mile round trip to Hamilton Street sorting office in poor weather conditions, when road closures are commonplace.

In addition, many elderly and vulnerable residents who use the Post Office to claim their pension and other DWP payments, as well as other Post Office services would be heavily impacted. To have to travel to neighbouring villages to pay weekly bills is something that a lot of residents would struggle with, especially those with disabilities.

I believe that any decision to close the sorting office would be seriously detrimental to the village of Dobcross, and have urged Post Office Ltd to reject these plans.

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