My Bill Could Clean-up Politics

Within politics, we are witnessing a crisis in principles, professionalism, and practice. This has created a culture of distrust with four out of five people reporting to Compassion in Politics, that they had no respect for politicians. This figure is unsurprising in light of widespread reports of members breaching the Ministerial Code without consequence, and […]

Introducing My Elected Representatives (Codes of Conduct) Bill

Today I will be introducing my Private Members’ Bill on the Elected Representatives (Codes of Conduct). This Bill puts the Ministerial and Members’ Codes of Conduct onto a statutory footing, as well as introducing a national, statutory Code of Conduct for local councillors. This Bill will, for the first time in our 400 plus year […]

Parliamentary Speech on the National Health Service

On 26 October I spoke in the House of Commons on the National Health Service complete with interventions from other members.  It is always a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich (Dr Poulter). I do not want to impugn his integrity, or to suggest that what he wants for […]

Localism Bill: the speech that never was…

After burning the midnight oil to write a speech for the third reading of this Bill time ran out and I wasn’t called! So, here is the speech that never made it into the public domain…until now! THIRD READING, LOCALISM BILL, 18TH MAY 2011 Thank you, Mr Speaker. I’m grateful to you for calling on […]

Education Bill

On 8 February I spoke in Parliament on the Education Bill.  You can read the text below and you can read the full debate here. This Bill fails our children and young people. In spite of what the Secretary of State claims, many of its measures are grossly unfair, and I will not support it. […]

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