Kind Fest: Compassion in Politics?

It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you today as the co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Compassionate Politics. For those of you not familiar with our Parliamentary system, APPGs consist of members from different parties and from both Houses. We aim to work collaboratively together to address specific issues; in this case we […]

Debbie Abrahams on Compassionate Conservatism – Independent Comment Piece

Everyone, it seems, is talking about it. In recent weeks the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, his Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, and Ministers including Michael Gove, have all mentioned the need for “compassion” in politics and an era of “compassionate Conservatism”. As Co-Chair of the All-Party Group for Compassionate Politics, this is, of course, something I welcome. […]


Today as we mark the third anniversary of the unilateral revocation of articles 370 and 35A from the Indian Constitution by the Indian Government, removing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and imposing direct rule from Delhi, I am sending this message of solidarity to the people of Kashmir, both in Indian-administered Kashmir and […]

The Government is Failing to Level-up Employment

Data released by the House of Commons Library shows there were 840 people aged 18-24 claiming unemployment support in February 2022, across the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency, 9.7% of the local population compared to the UK rate of 5.0%. Across all age groups there were 4,810 actual claimants across the constituency in February 2022, […]

Statement on the Current Situation in Ukraine

Over the last few days, I have received many emails from constituents, and indeed from across the country, expressing concerns and even outrage at the invasion of Ukraine, an independent sovereign state, by President Putin’s military machine. I distinguish the act of this dictator and tyrant, Putin, from the Russian people, who like most people […]

Prime Minister’s ‘Bus Back Better’ Fund Slashed by Half

It seems that the Prime Minister’s favourite transport policy, to ‘level up’ bus services in the North of England, is in tatters after the Treasury refuses to sign the cheques. The fact that Mr Johnson can promise a ‘transformational investment’ in northern bus services but have that blocked by his colleagues in No. 11 illustrates […]

Christmas and New Year Office Opening Hours

Due to the festive break, my office will close from 22 December –  3 January. From 4th January, my team and I will be here to help you with any issue you may have. I will be periodically checking my email and voicemail over Christmas and the New Year, so if you have a very urgent […]

The UK’s future relationship with the EU

On Christmas Eve, the Prime Minister heralded the deal his negotiators had struck with European Union counterparts concerning our future relationship with our nearest neighbours and the largest trading bloc in the world. After running a General Election over a year ago to ‘Get Brexit Done’ and boasting he had an ‘oven-ready deal’, he seemed […]

Government must create emergency plan to end COVID-19 food poverty

I am calling on the Government to address the issue of COVID-19 related food poverty, as a report from the Food Foundation shows, 1.5m people have gone a full day without food as a result of the virus. Beyond the medically shielded, the Food Foundation’s report identified between 4m and 7m people, in lower risk categories, […]

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