Covid-19: A Disease of Poverty

Like infectious diseases of the past, Covid-19 is a disease of poverty. If you map Covid prevalence with deprivation the results are stark. It has also exposed the ingrained inequalities across our society, and I say this as a former public health consultant with over 20 years’ experience rather than as an opposition MP. But […]


With Covid infection rates at worrying levels (107.5 per 100,000 people for the week end 8th August, up from 57.8 per 100,000 in the previous week) across Oldham, the Government has warned Oldham Council that unless the levels of Covid infection across the borough start reducing significantly, Oldham will face a full lockdown similar to […]

Covid-19 update

Late on Thursday night, 30th July, Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire were told by the Government that the increase in Covid-19 positive cases meant that local restrictions would need to be imposed in these areas. Oldham Council’s public health team had already acted on the increase in infections earlier in the […]

COVID-19: What needs to happen now?

The UK is now in its third week of a three-week lockdown. But as we see the mounting number of people diagnosed with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and with that, the growing number succumbing to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), I think most of us know that this will not be the last […]

MP helps constituents stranded overseas

I have been contacted by tens of constituents who are stranded overseas and who are becoming desperate to find a way home as borders are closed and airlines go bust. I understand the logistical nightmare this situation throws up for the Government and the Foreign and Commonwealth staff, who are based in countries across the […]

Government must lockdown non-essential workplaces

I am receiving large numbers of queries from constituents being asked to go to work in non-essential occupations. The Government must take immediate action to lockdown non-essential workplaces. Government guidance on staying at home and away from others can be found here. Guidance on businesses and premises to close and remain so until further notice […]

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