Energy Price Cap Rise

People are already struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and incomes not keeping pace with record levels of inflation. This massive hike in the amount energy companies will be able to charge their customers will add to the pressure they’re facing and increase the number of people who will be deciding between heating or eating. National […]

Cost of Living Summit

The following report was written by Amelia and Layla, two young people taking part in my 2022 Summer School who are undertaking their Working for Your Community placements in my constituency office. Layla and Amelia attended the Cost of Living Summit in Oldham and wrote a report on what they learnt from the sessions: Oldham’s […]

Closing Oldham DWP Office Exposes Tory Levelling-up Rhetoric as Hollow

The Government’s announcement on 17th March 2022 that the DWP’s office at Phoenix House, Oldham will close and 168 staff will be ‘consolidated’ to Salford and Stockport offices by January 2023 expose the Tories’ rhetoric on levelling-up to be utterly hollow. The Minister’s admission that 1,300 DWP staff work at sites where there is no other […]

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