The NHS needs reform and accountability – not the opening up of the market

This Government have insisted that the recommitted Health & Social Care Bill shows that they are listening. In spite of the NHS Future Forum’s recommendations there many reasons why this Bill is still a threat to our NHS. As a starting point the Government failed to recommit the full Bill leaving the opposition unable […]

Reogranisation of the NHS

You can read the speech that I made to the House of Commons on the reoganisation of the NHS on 26 March 2011, the full text of which is below.  You can read the entire debate on the parliamentary website. This costly reorganisation of the NHS has no mandate from the British people, and no […]

Maiden Speech on the Health and Social Care Bill

I had the pleasure of using the occassion of the Health and Social Care Bill to give my Maiden Speech before Parliament on 31 January 2011.  The full text of my speech is below and you can read the remainder of the debate on the parliamentary website here. Thank you for calling me to make […]

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