Legislation is needed to make lying to Parliament a sackable offence for MPs

An opportunity was lost in the Queen’s Speech to create legislation which would make lying to Parliament, and the British people, a sackable offence for MPs. I was taking part in a late night debate on the content of the Queen’s Speech and criticised the government for not doing enough to tackle inequalities or help […]

My Speech at Commons debate about ‘late payment’ to SMEs

Last week I gave a speech in the House of Commons about the issue of large businesses making late payments to SMEs and the terrible effects this has on them in terms of cash flow and their ability to survive in the current economic climate. if you would like more information about my campaign Be […]

Parliamentary Speech on the National Health Service

On 26 October I spoke in the House of Commons on the National Health Service complete with interventions from other members.  It is always a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich (Dr Poulter). I do not want to impugn his integrity, or to suggest that what he wants for […]

Localism Bill: the speech that never was…

After burning the midnight oil to write a speech for the third reading of this Bill time ran out and I wasn’t called! So, here is the speech that never made it into the public domain…until now! THIRD READING, LOCALISM BILL, 18TH MAY 2011 Thank you, Mr Speaker. I’m grateful to you for calling on […]

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